It was a very busy year at the agency. We were asked to create 3 different challenges to be presented on Big Brother Brazil, the most viewed TV show in Brazil. 

Fiat is a premium sponsor of the reality show and they traditionally use its visibility to introduce new car models and create remarkable interactions between the spectators and the participants.

Challenge 1: Fiat Linea and its live quality test

Challenge 2: augmented reality followed by trivia questions


First, the reality show participants received 6 different boards with an augmented reality code printed on each of them. They could then take those boards and show them to a camera that would project cars on top of it. For each code, a different car model. 

Through hand gestures, they were able to navigate on the specs info for each model and try to memorize them as much as they could.

After a few hours, the participants were challenged with trivia questions about the cars that they had just studied.

Challenge 3: online visitors could decide the treadmill speed in real time

Imagine if you could control the speed of the treadmill where the participants were running. On the internet. In real time. 

Since the reality show had a huge audience in the country and the test lasted for long hours, the servers needed to be prepared for the worst. Luckily, they have resisted to 100,000+ votes received on the website. Well, the participants haven't resisted as much, but that was exactly what the spectators wanted to see.